Coronavirus test samples being unpacked in the Bonsignori Lab of Duke University this week. But it is not just these small genetic changes that are raising concerns. The novel coronavirus has a propensity to mix large chunks of its genome when it makes copies of itself. Unlike small mutations, which are like typos in the sequence, a phenomenon called recombination resembles a major copy-and-paste error in which the second half of a sentence is completely overwritten with a slightly different version. A flurry of new studies suggests that recombination may allow the virus to shapeshift in dangerous ways. But in the long term, this biological machinery may offer a silver lining, helping researchers find drugs to stop the virus in its tracks. “There’s no question that recombination is happening,” said Nels Elde, an evolutionary geneticist at the University of Utah. “And in fact, it’s probably a bit underappreciated and could be at play even in the emergence of some of the new variants of concern.” The coronavirus mutations that most people have heard about, such as those in the B.1.351 variant first detected in South Africa, are changes in a single “letter” of the virus’s long genetic sequence, or RNA. Because the virus has a robust system for proofreading its RNA code, these small mutations are relatively rare. Recombination, in contrast, is rife in coronaviruses. Researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center led by virologist Mark Denison recently studied how things go awry during replication in three coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV-2, which causes Covid . The team found that all three viruses showed “extensive” recombination when replicating separately in the laboratory. Scientists worry that recombination might allow for different variants of the coronavirus to combine into more dangerous versions inside of a person’s body. The B.1.1.7 variant first detected in Britain, for example, had more than a dozen mutations that seemed to appear suddenly. Dr. Elde said that recombination may have merged mutations from different variants that arose spontaneously within the same person over time or that co-infected someone simultaneously. For now, he said, that idea is speculative: “It’s really hard to see these invisible scars from a recombination event.” And although getting infected with two variants at once is possible, it’s thought to be rare. Katrina Lythgoe, an evolutionary epidemiologist at the Oxford Big Data Institute in Britain, is additional info skeptical that co-infection happens often.


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This large rise in the use of mobile finance apps was noticed by two other parties: hackers and regulators. Hackers increased attacks intended to steal personal information or cardholder data, while regulators became increasingly concerned with financial data security compliance. The developers of financial services apps need to ensure data security compliance to operate in various markets, reassure their customers that they are handling their data with care, and importantly, reduce risk and exposure associated with regulatory censure. The introduction of new compliance requirements or the updating of existing ones in 2021 represent significant risk management concerns for banking and fintech app publishers. Here are the major financial data security compliance regulations to be aware of in 2021. Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) Canada’s anti-money laundering legislation will introduce significant changes in June 2021 . The expanded ruleset will change how politically-exposed persons are reported on, and will bring cryptocurrencies under the remit of reporting obligations.  One of the most significant of these changes is that foreign Money Services Businesses (MSBs), which had not previously been obligated to report under the FINTRAC legislation, will now have to do so . This will significantly increase reporting obligations and associated risks for foreign fintech firms operating in the Canadian market. The latest tranche of regulatory requirements mandated by the European PSD2 came into force on December 31, 2020, though some countries will maintain a grace period through the end of Q1 2021. The PSD2 changes focus on fraud reduction through mandatory Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), as well as opening the door for greater innovation and customer engagement by laying down guidelines for so-called “super wallets.” The SCA changes mean that customers of banking and financial digital services must use two forms of identification to gain access . These can be from something they own (such as a phone), something they know (such as a password), or something they are (biometric info such as a fingerprint, iris, facial recognition, or palmprint). For many app developers, the regulation of third-party apps that can access and aggregate bank accounts will signal a significant opportunity for competition and innovation in the banking services sector. With the PSD2’s framework, developers that meet financial data security compliance must be allowed access to their customers’ accounts, meaning product quality, rather than legacy account loyalty, should play a bigger role in consumer decisions. The new changes introduced to the CCPA on January 1 will demand even stronger data compliance. It will also widen the net of companies it applies to. The act’s core provisions already grant consumers the rights to access information held about them, demand its deletion, and opt-out from future collection, though these only previously applied to “for-profit” businesses, such as those with revenues in excess of $25 million.


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