This facilitates effective implementation of the most critical aspects of a security program with appropriate buy-in. DESIRED ATTRIBUTES OF A BUSINESS INFORMATION SECURITY OFFICER INCLUDE: Detailed understanding of information security, risk management and modern security controls. Ability to communicate, collaborate and influence effectively across different functions within the organization. Ability to balance multiple demands from internal and external stakeholders as well as executives and subordinates alike. Ability to oversee the implementation and execution of business objectives and organizational initiatives. Strong business acumen, influence management, and systems design and thinking skills. Ability to interpret and apply laws, regulations, policies, and guidance relevant to the organization’s cyber objectives. Ability to exercise judgment when policies and procedures are not well defined. Less formalized, the security champion is a current workforce member, but in some respects just as crucial as the BISO. They know the processes, technology and challenges within their team or department. They are passionate about cybersecurity best practices and the organization’s cybersecurity program. Influential among their peers, and leaders by example, champions are key to achieving security “herd immunity” by serving as exemplar employees when it comes to adhering to security best practices. Although there may already be de facto security champions within your organization, establishing a formal program is vital to supporting the security culture. Together with BISOs, security champions enforce security programs without the need for significant operational or capital expenses. Here’s how: First, champions and BISOs operate closer to the front lines of cybersecurity with tacit authority to oversee — and influence — the culture, including response from their teams. For example, team members know to instinctively report suspected phishing emails upon receipt. Another example might be the simple act of an administrator double-checking database configurations and restrictions prior to first use, thus avoiding the need for formal oversight by a cybersecurity team anxious about a potential multimillion-dollar cyber incident.


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